Measuring devices

  • Based on your data and requirements, we can help you design accurate measuring instruments
  • We supply measuring instruments built on the Zeiss Carfit system You will like the:

- Easy adjustments for later calibration
- Guaranteed accuracy of 0.05 mm thanks to the Zeiss Carfit system
- Fast, minute modifications when changing the shape of the part being measured

  • Delivery of the targeting protocol and results of the MSA measurement system with the product
  • We propose measuring instruments for automakers (AUDI, VW, BMW ...)
  • We also design special, control, fatigue, detection measuring devices
  • We analyze parts and assembly to create the optimal measurement and control design concept for the operating conditions

We will be happy to help you carry out your project.


Head restraint measuring aid

This is used to check the plastic moulding of the head restraint for a passenger car. It is checked using measuring gauges and GO / NOGO gauges.


Front mask measuring product

The product is used to check the plastic moulding of the front mask of the car. It is checked by measuring watches and coupled GO / NOGO gauges. The front of the product can be tilted for easy placement and removal of the part to be measured.




Measuring instrument

The product is used to check the outer, mid and inner sides of the car. This can be done by designing a universal frame and interchangeable clamping elements. It is inspected using 3D measurements on three coordinate measuring machines. It is used to measure the left and right variants of the part.

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