Single-purpose machines

  • We work closely with the customer’s technicians
  • We supply assembly machines and production equipment
  • We analyze the customer’s needs
  • We emphasize simplicity, reliability, optimal production and operating costs, easy maintenance and easy operation
  • Development based on wishes, requirements, needs
  • 3D Design Documentation Technology (Catia) allows you to test machine operation before production and installation
  • We can use robots and advanced technologies in our machines, such as Vision
  • We provide comprehensive machine and product development from product analysis and customer needs to final machine delivery and operator training

We will be happy to help you carry out your projects.


Acoustic resonator

An acoustic resonator prototype designed to clean an industrial furnace. The construction allows a smooth change of the frequency over a wide range. The resonator is designed with a temperature resistance of 500°C.


LED Lighting Testing System 

The LED lights are seated and connected in technology palettes. The cooling chambers with adjustable temperatures have LEDs. The quantities of individual LEDs, for example, are measured by connecting the measuring instrument to the technological pallet.


Mounting manipulator

Manipulator for manually installing the rear cover of a car. The clamping is by vacuum technology and is secured by pneumatic clamps. The controls are ergonomically designed.


Seat position tester

The device checks the height, seat position and backrest position in the dispatcher line so that the subsequent robot assembly does not collide with the surroundings. The tester is fully automated.


Electrodes production

The electrode production line produces electrodes for traction batteries. The line shapes metal strips that are filled with a nickel / cadmium powder. The filled strips are then pressed into plates and then cut into individual electrodes.

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