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We tender services
to prominent
international motor car companies

We only use genuine software

CAD software CATIA

Engineers in VorKon Engineering use proven CAD ​​software CATIA in their work. It is a reputable and professional program in which you can create high-quality and accurate structural design of individual components and complete machines or production lines. Software CATIA is used by professionals in many industries - not only in the automotive, but also in the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, heavy industry, engineering or in high tech area.

Products and Services

VorKon Engineering company focuses on several key areas of action. Major products from the field of construction include as follows:

In the field of machines they are mainly the components of robotic lines, of which about 80 percent are welding lines. Machines based on the company's design office of Vorkon Engineering in Ostrava usually become parts of the process of manufacturing car bodies.